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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 15, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm elizabeth vargas. it's tuesday, june 15th. >> and this morning, presidential promises. president obama says the federal government will leave the gulf coast better than before the spill. this, as new documents show bp took dangerous short cuts to save time and money. flash floods strike america's heartland. roads washed away. and one dramatic rescue seen around the world. we'll speak to this very lucky girl ahead. plus, coming to america. princes william and harry make their official first overseas tour together. we'll tell you why we're getting a royal visit. and two of the biggest stars on the planet join us with a sneak peek of one of the summer's blockbusters. tom cruise and cameron diaz, live.
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we hope you're starting your day off okay. robin is on her way back from south africa this morning. it's great to have elizabeth vargas back again. >> it's nice to be here again. on a busy morning, news-wise. >> president obama waking up in the gulf this morning, after taking heat from residents fed up with the oil disaster, now entering day 57. the newly released internal bp documents have made a disastrous situation worse for the oil company. strong evidence that they cut safety corners. >> this will be in the meetings tomorrow between president obama and the bp executives. and the president, of course, will address the nation tonight. in a moment, we're going to talk with his press secretary, robert gibbs, about that speech. first, we have reports from sam champion on pensacola beach. and jake tapper, who is traveling with the president. we begin with jake this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
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elizabeth. tonight, in his first oval office address, president obama will try to convey to the american people that he is on top of this crisis. but here in the gulf, residents are skeptical. president obama took a ferry to orange beach, alabama, where he visited tacky jack's seafood restaurant. ordering crab claws and crawfish tails with the happy hour crowd. but there's not a lot to be happy about, as the president wraps up his first overnight stay in the oil-ravaged gulf. >> i imagine you're getting hit like everybody else, with fewer people coming out. >> reporter: day 57 of the crisis. and president obama may be watching his ambition agenda drown because of an oil company. >> we are gathering the facts right now so we have an absolute clear understanding to best present to bp so individuals and businesses are dealt with in a fair manner and a prompt manner. >> reporter: locals here remain
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unconvinced the government has acted aggressively or quickly enough. >> i'd like to see the government get up off their keisters and do more than fly back and forth to washington and play basketball. or whatever it is they do. >> reporter: louisiana governor, bobby jindal, is more supportive of the president's visit. >> every time he comes down here, the pace of activity picks up. >> reporter: today, the president will reassure americans the gulf will be returned to what it was like before katrina. and bp will pay for it. >> things will return to normal. this region that's known a lot of hardship will bounce back, just like it's bounced back before. >> reporter: for its part, congress is gearing up for a bp showdown, releasing these internalal documents. just days before the rig fire, one engineer wrote of a nightmare well. another called it a crazy well. all will show bp cut corners to save time and money, that increased the danger of a catastrophic well failure.
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bp executive tony hayward will have his chance to explain when he's grilled on the hill this thursday. first, president obama will meet with the bp executives tomorrow at the white house. and tonight, we'll hear what he intends to tell the executives, george, including setting up a multibillion-dollar escrow account to help those who have been hurt economically by this crisis. george? >> and whether he can force the executives if he can set that fund up. one of the questions for robert gibbs, his press secretary. first, we go to sam champion. he's down in poens coensacola. >> good morning. we're showing you one of the inlets here on the waterways. last week when we were here, the call was to get the boom and the skimmers to keep this out. the booms are here. but unfortunately, the oil got here before the booms did. this is what many see here as another failure by bp, to contain the oil onslaught.
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chunks of crude now sweeping into pensacola bay. threatening not only the gulf shores, but its inland waterways. it's the first time we've seen three layers of boom. the white is absorbing boom. and the other two are protective layers. the problem here is there's oil on both sides. >> we're waiting on bp to show up with the crew to clean that up. or authorize additional help, right? >> reporter: jeff found thick patches in his marina early monday morning and immediately reported it. five hours later, he was still waiting. >> even if i had hazmat certification, if i'm not part of the bp effort, i cannot clean up that oil. >> reporter: so, the only thing you can do is make a phone call and wait for someone to get in your marina, where oil wasn't supposed to be, and clean it up? >> that's correct. that's correct. >> reporter: are you frustrated by this? >> absolutely i'm frustrated. i'm frustrated that our
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government is not fighting this with every ounce of effort they have. >> reporter: marina workers have been told they're not allowed to do this. and that's what we've got. it's the same color and consistency, to me, as what we've seen on the beaches. experts say that's a major concern because while beaches can be scraped off, estuaries can't. and they're home to tiny and fragile sea life. >> these are the same areas where a lot of baby fish live. and the larvae live. and because of the toxicity of the oil, that means you're going to see the impacts for the next 20 years. maybe even 100 years. >> and that's why this is devastating news. in weeks of devastating news, that oil is now inside florida's very fragile inland waterways. george? >> sam, thanks. i know you had a chance to speak to some of the residents down there about the president's
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visits, repeated visits to the area. what are they saying about it? >> well, george, they want a chance to talk. they want to be heard. and the man who owns the marina just over my shoulder there, said what's most disappointing to him, is that the president would be coming right by into this area. but he would never get a chance to talk to him personally. that the president was going to talk to elected officials and people here, officials. but not to him himself. george? >> thanks, sam. and for more on this, let me turn to robert gibbs, the president's press secretary. as the president plans to speak to the nation tonight. robert, good morning. the president struck a pretty hopeful note yesterday, when experts said the spill will change the ecosystem for a generation. and half in a poll say, the gulf will never recover. and more say that the fish and birds will never return to normal levels. are they right? >> george, i know one of the things the president will outline tonight, is a plan going forward, to restore the gulf.
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not to where it was the day this accident happened. but to restore this gulf to where it was years ago. to increase the health and the vitality of the species there, the wildlife and the natural beauty that we all know is the gulf of mexico. >> will he put a single person in charge of that plan? >> we're going to outline tonight groups of people. and somebody that will be in charge of a recovery plan, putting a recovery plan together. and ready to have when we get past the cleanup and response phase of this disaster. >> so, recovery czar? >> we will have somebody who will -- yes, will be tasked with doing that. >> the bp wrote yesterday that it hopes to be able to capture 50,000 barrels of oil by the end of june. does the president believe that basically all of the oil will stop spilling into the gulf by the end of june? >> yes. i think the containment strategy in a the coast guard and the
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federal government pushed bp to accelerate, we believe will capture most of the oil that is leaking from the gulf. right now, what we have are physics problems. the top cap can only take so much. they are adding additional lines, through the direction of somebody like secretary chu, who will bring more oil off of the surface and out of the gulf. >> that's 90%-plus, right? >> absolutely. >> the president wants bp to set up an escrow fund. and congress is calling for a $20 billion escrow fund. what if bp doesn't do it? >> the president has the legal authority to direct bp to set aside money and to set up an independent claims process, so those who have been harmed economically, as a result of this disaster, has their claims process, efficiently, quickly, transparentally. that they're made whole by the responsible party in this case, bp. >> and if bp doesn't? >> the president has the legal
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authority to compel them to do so. if they don't, he will. >> we saw the energy and commerce committee release a series of e-mails that paint a pretty damning portrait of bp. one engineer called the rig a nightmare well. the letter they wrote cites five instances where bp put cost-cutting ahead of safety. and it concludes like this. it appears that bp repeatedly chose risky procedures in order to reduce costs and save time and made minimal efforts to the added risks. that bp is responsible for 90% of the safety violations on rigs. why would bp be allowed to keep on drilling in the gulf? >> one of the things the president will discuss tonight is what type of regulatory framework do we have going forward to ensure that this type of accident never happens again. secretary salazar at the department of interior had reform some of these process. ken will be the first to tell you, that did not go far enough.
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and it didn't go fast enough. >> final question. the address tonight is the president's first oval office address. is it fair to conclude from that, that this is the most significant crisis that the president has faced? >> i think it's no doubt that this is an important time. the president understands the challenges and will lay out a direct and clear plan to meet them. >> robert gibbs, thanks very much. >> thanks, george. >> we'll have more coverage of the president's address tonight at 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central. elizabeth? >> george, thanks so much. now, to the devastating floods in oklahoma on monday. emergencies were declared in 59 counties after 10 inches of rain fell in a matter of hours. and the area got even more rain overnight. ryan owens is in oklahoma city this morning with all the latest on that. good morning to you, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. it's stopped raining here now. that's the good news. this was a classic flash flood. it came fast and receded just as quickly. 24 hours ago, the road that i'm
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standing on, this was all under water. and the trees back there, people were clinging to them for dear life. in just a few hours, this city saw more rain than it usually does in an entire month. nearly a foot fell in some spots, trapping people in their homes. this woman climbs into her attic to escape the water. >> the garage door caved in. and then, the water just came rushing in. and we were in water up to our thighs. >> reporter: the flash flood happened at the height of the morning commute. its surs and rivers simply could not handle so much rain so fast. this 17-year-old girl was forced to swim tree-to-tree, until she found one tall enough to get her out of the rushing water. this man had been waiting on his roof for a half hour. but rescuers couldn't reach him. >> told me to get to the highest tree i could. >> reporter: soaked and
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exhausted, he was finally brought to safety. >> thank god that he saved me. got a lot to go home to. >> reporter: it was a long night of cleanup for so many in oklahoma city, after such a short storm. despite widespread damage, police here say no one lost their lives. oklahomans need look only one state east to know just how lucky they are. on monday, search crews found yet another body near that arkansas campground, swept away on a flash flood on friday. 20 people were killed. seven of them, young children. here in oklahoma, they are not out of the woods just yet. more thunderstorms are in the forecast later today. fortunately, though, nothing is predicted like what we saw here yesterday. elizabeth? >> all right, ryan owens. dramatic pictures out of oklahoma. thanks so much. coming up in our next half hour, the young, teenage girl, whose rescue we saw in ryan's piece, will join us, along with the men who finally pulled her
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to safety. that, george, is a pretty dramatic rescue. >> really is. now, we turn to bianna golodryga, who is in for juju chang. an earthquake in california. >> tell you about that in just a minute. good morning, everybody. a lot of rattled nerves in southern california, following that earthquake, that was strong enough to interrupt the san diego padres baseball game. >> we're shaking. yes. oh, there it goes. oh, yeah. you betcha. >> the quake was centered 85 miles east of san diego and was enough to shake the foul poems registering 5.8. it was an aftershock from a quake in mexico back in april. no significant damage was reported. an emotional apology from the california woman who killed 8-year-old sandra cantu last spring. melissa huckaby learned her punishment in court on monday, as we learned new details about how the murder was carried out. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: before the judge sentenced this former sunday
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schoolteacher, family members showed a heartbreaking video of the second grade girl melissa huckaby kidnapped and killed. >> you took the life of an innocent, little girl. and she didn't do nothing. >> reporter: at the sentencing hearing, prosecutors revealed for the first time the cause of sandra cantu's death, homicidal asphyxiation. the murder weapon, a torn piece of cloth fashioned into a noose. her body was stuffed into a suitcase and dropped in a pond. >> we won't be able to see her grow up. >> reporter: what's still not clear in this tragic case, is the motive. not clear, it seems, even to huckaby herself. >> she did not suffer. and i did not sexually molest your daughter. >> reporter: huckaby offered an apology.
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but no explanation. >> my motivation, i still do not have an answer. this is a question i will struggle with for the rest of my life. >> reporter: she will spend the rest of her life behind bars. no possibility of parole. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los angeles. also in california, a legal victory for michael jackson's doctor. a judge has ruled dr. conrad murray can keep his california medical license, while he awaits trial on involuntary manslaughter charges. the judge, monday, set the next court day for august 23rd. two people are under arrest for trying to enter mcdill air force base in florida in an suv packed with weapons. the man and woman did not have proper i.d. so, security guards searched the vehicle, finding automatic weapons and military-style gear. no word on why the coup wanted to enter the base. mcdill houses central command for afghanistan and iraq wars. and a man claiming to be on a solo hunt for osama bin laden
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is under arrest in pakistan. gary faulkner was picked up in a forest in the chitral region. police say he was carrying a pistol, a sword, and night vision equipment. apparently this wasn't his first time on such a mission. and authorities there thought this was a joke until they saw the sword. >> he got very close, actually. >> i think he got as far as -- >> patriotism gone wild a little bit? >> we'll get back to you on that. >> all right. >> thanks, bianna. let's check in with sam champion for the weather. he's down in the gulf. hey, sam. >> good morning, everyone. let's talk a little bit about weather this morning. we showed you at the top of the show about all of that flooding. in some cases, oklahoma city picked up -- almost 7 1/2 inches of rain. that's a 24-hour record in that area. so, after a day of major flooding from oklahoma city to kansas city, 18 states are under flood advisories there. from western texas to oklahoma, kansas, missouri, and ohio valley. there's more rain likely today.
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another one to three inches possible from dallas, to paducah, to peoria. the heat is big today. heat index well over 100 degrees from new orleans to tallahassee to orlando.
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it will be hot this weekend with a high in the lower 90s on saturday and sunday. tuesday trivia is brought to you by big lots. we're live in pensacola beach all morning long. elizabeth? >> sam, thank you. now, our "picture of the morning." you know when you have those days when you don't want to go into work? christian hernandez, a bullfighter in mexico, he had that. and then, he thought i thought about it too late. he just went right out of the ring. >> to boos from the crowd. >> and he does know his days are now over. maybe he had this in mind. remember the spanish man? look at that from last month? took it right underneath the
7:20 am
chin through his mouth. he survived. that's how he was gored a month ago. who can blame christian hernandez from jumping the fence in mexico. >> do we have to look at that? the story coming up behind this rescue caught on tape. we'll talk live to the rescuers who saved this woman from raging floodwaters. and we have a behind the scenes look at prince harry and william on their first official overseas trip together. coming to the u.s., as well. that's coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ , ♪ now at a new lower price.
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now the forecast certified by maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> temperatures dumped up to 75 degrees here in baltimore and there is a boundary that is right through central maryland. knock us down to 70 and they are holding 70 in easten. 66 much more comfortable in york, pa, but southbound, it is mid to upper 70s. right along this boundary, at
7:25 am
least we have moderate air quality to be expected. all right, there is the boundary. draping its way through and it is tough to determine exactly where this is located. there is a northwesterly cink to the wind. rain fall in the mountains trying to cross the mountains but struggling. there will be more showers and storms that will fire up and more extensive storms across the southern plains. that is going to move in our direction by tomorrow evening. that will be our best shot of getting hit by the wet weather. variable cloudiness, we'll see a sunny sky. with a small chance of a shower or thunderstorm, about 20 to 30% shot. so most of us don't see it, 82 our 2-degree guarantee. tonight, we slip into the middle 60s and a better chance of rain with a high of 83. it is 7:25. let's go to the roads. >> we do have a handful of fairly minor incidents around the beltway this morning. but fortunately, just a lot of
7:26 am
volume causing some sluggish and stop and go volume. expect this to be slow the entire stretch of the west side from 795 past i-70. as we take a peek at our maps. we have a road closure in pleasant hills. redford road is closed in both directions because of a downed tree in the roadway. wilgis should be able to get you around that. also an accident reported on the inner loop lanes of i-70. the westbound lanes of 144 closed at ingle side avenue. try using the baltimore national pike to get around it. and route 32 westbound at cedar lane, off to the shoulder. looking good around the area. five minutes on 95 southbound to the beltway. no problems on 83, 7 minutes down to 695. 795 running slow from owings mills boulevard. as we take a peek at our camera. traffic not doing too bad as you make your way through the
7:27 am
city. stay with us, because meg has your morning news update after this.
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good morning, i'm megan pringle. the baltimore city officer who is accused of shooting and killing a man just over a week ago. tshamba turned himself in sunday morning, more than a day after shooting tyrone brown. a public viewing will be held for brown at 8:30 in the morning until 7:45 tonight at march funeral home. his funeral will be tomorrow at 11:00 at the murphy fine arts center at morgan state university. today a man convicted for shooting a five-year-old girl and another man last year will be scheduled to be sentenced. he was aiming for a man when five-year-old ravon wyatt was caught in the cross fire. he faces a life sentence plus 61 years. his sentencing is set for 9:30 this morning.
7:29 am
and a man scheduled to go on trial for beating an elderly black fisherman. he faces charges including armed robbery in the beating death. this happened late august of last year. we'll keep you posted on what happens in court today. we're out of time. we are going to send you back to new york for good morning america. we'll catch you in an hour for another news update. we'll see you then.
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what a harrowing scene in oklahoma. 17-year-old raquel dawson, clinging to a tree, as the floodwaters threaten to sweep her away. it took not one, but two rescue boats to finally bring her to safety. and in just a moment, we're going to talk to her and her brave rescuers. >> two rescue boats because the first one capsized as they tried to rescue her. so, those rescuers needed rescuing themselves. >> the waters were just so fast. there's the hero right there, raquel dawson. we're going to talk to her in a minute. good morning. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> i'm elizabeth vargas. robin roberts is in the air, on her way back from the festivities at the world cup in south africa. >> as long as she didn't bring back the vuvuzelas. >> i'm afraid she brought you one. you can't blow on it. also this morning, we're
7:31 am
going to have an emotional interview with the grandparents of little caylee anthony. exactly two years after they last saw their granddaughter. they will talk candidly about their daughter, who was charged with their granddaughter's murder. and why they stand behind her. they think she's innocent. and prince william and prince harry are on their first official overseas trip. we'll give you a preview. >> large snakes. >> bob woodruff is down there. we'll give you a preview of prince harry's visit to the united states. >> looking forward to that. first, that extraordinary rescue we told you about earlier, for 17-year-old raquel dawson, who waded into the flood waters to help a flooded motorist and got swept away. she was clinging to dear life as the first rescue boat sent to her capsized. we'll talk to raquel and two of the rescuers who finally saved her. but first, here's a look at the terrifying ordeal.
7:32 am
a news chopper covering the floods spots a terrible sight. a 17-year-old hanging on to a tree near a street sign, amid six feet of water. all they can do is watch from the air, as she desperately tries to swim against the current. she loses her grip. and struggles not to be swept downstream. for a moment, it looks as though she's getting pulled under. >> hang on. hang on. don't move. >> reporter: she manages to reach a tree and hoist herself above the water and hangs on for dear life to await rescue. a rescue team is deployed to save her in a dinghy. then, the operation takes a turn for the worse. >> the boat overturned. now, we have four victims out there in the water. >> a second team heads out. rescuers quickly throw out a line. and one, by, one, carry victims into the boat. but the drama is still not over. that boat has travel navigating the current. >> trouble with that boat.
7:33 am
>> reporter: finally, the sex rescuers and the teenager find a clear path to dry land, where the girl walks off into a waiting hospital. >> looks like these walking off. great ending. >> great ending, indeed. we're joined by raquel dawson. and good morning to you all and welcome. raquel, i would like to start with you, if i may. how are you feeling this morning? >> i'm sore. incredibly sore right now. >> hanging on to trees that long in waters that swift, i can only imagine the physical exertion that took. tell me how you ended up in those floodwaters. >> well, first, it was an attempt to walk to work. but after a while, i was going to give up. but then, i saw the lady hanging on to a car. and my first instinct was to go help her. so, i went deeper. >> how quickly did you realize you were in over your head? no pun intended.
7:34 am
i was able to get to the ladies. i was able to get her to the trees. and i left my bag with her. and then, i kept swimming, to go find help. and once i got to concrete, it was just like an island of concrete. >> raquel, what was it like to be in those waters? were they cold? how strong was the current? >> they were cold. and the current was really strong. i mean, there were logs like running into me. it was -- the current was strong. >> we see you clinging to trees. several times almost going under. how hard was it to hang on to those branches? >> it was difficult. i mean, a bunch of the branches kept breaking as i'd grab on to them. i would have to go grab for another one before i drifted away. >> did you begin to wonder if
7:35 am
rescue was ever going to come? >> i knew they would eventually. i just didn't know how long it would take. >> what was going through your head during all that time? >> i was -- i was kind of -- i kind of felt stupid for leaving the lady. i mean, i just should have stayed with her. >> it was an honest mistake, i'm sure. corporal peercy, i want to ask you. how treacherous were those waters? >> that was a dangerous situation. the waters were treacherous and violent. >> you had heard a first boat had been sent out to get raquel. what had you been told about what happened to that boat? >> we knew that an airboat had went out and tried to get her with a couple firefighters and a boat operator. and that they had capsized. they were in the trees, near where she was.
7:36 am
but we didn't exactly know everyone was when we started the search. >> raquel, what happened when that first boat got to you? how did they all end up in the water themselves? >> the current was against the sand. and it made the boat go down because of the current. >> at that point did it get really scary for you? >> yeah. i didn't know how much longer we were going to be in the water. >> so, the second -- >> we didn't have radios. >> the second boat arrives. lieutenant edwards, can you tell me how difficult it was to maneuver in that second boat. >> it was very difficult. and it was difficult to find her. you can tell from the video footage it was densely populated with a lot of trees. and a concerted effort, with aerial support, ohp and the news media. and the police department up there. they pinpoint the victims. our job was, our task was, to
7:37 am
hollow t follow the helicopters, get in and find them. and we had engine difficulties. but the zodiac rescue boat is ideal for that situation. able to get up to the trees. and extricate them from the trees on to the boat. and find a way to shore. >> corporal, we just saw video of the that zodiac boat trying to get to safety. you're overloaded. were you concerned that the second boat would also capsize? >> that's always a concern. as soon as you put more people on the boat. we look for the closest, safest area to get you out of the boat. we went for the little landing with the helicopter. we hit lots of trees yesterday. had many rescues in the zodiac. and on the water, that's one of the things that are going to happen a lot. >> finally, corporal, it might seem like the right thing to get out of your car in floodwaters
7:38 am
like this. but you don't actually had vise it? >> we traditionally tell people to stay in your car. if you have to, tif the water keeps coming up, a lot of people get on the hoods, the top of their car. we advise to stay there, call for help. signal someone. we'll come and get you. the water is much stronger than it appears. and it's very hard to swim in. >> raquel, we're glad you're a little sore but okay today. do you regret going in to try to help that stranded motorist yesterday? >> i do. but at the same time, i don't regret it because -- yeah. >> it was the right thing to do. but probably not the way you intended everything to turn out. raquel dawson, corporal, lieutenant, thank you so much for being here with us. job well done, guys, in rescuing raquel and your fellow rescuers. and you just heard, if you find
7:39 am
herself caught in a flash flood, never drive into a flood. as little as six inches of water can cause you to lose control. two feet of rushing water can carry away most vehicles. even trucks and suvs. second, if you find your car surrounded by floodwaters and you need to get out, try to go to higher ground or to the roof of the car. and if you, like our guest, find yourself stranded in a tree or on top of a building, do not enter the floodwaters. stay put. wait for rescuers. on more tips for how to protect yourself if you're trapped in a flash flood, you can go to now, time for the weather. let's go back to sam in florida. sam, you know about the flash floods better than most people. >> elizabeth, i was just sitting here listening to your tips. and that's exactly -- you're exactly right. most people don't realize how quickly and easily a big, heavy vehicle can get carried away by the floodwaters. we're showing you, this morning,
7:40 am
the boom operators in sabine bay, opening and closing the boom as traffic needs to go by. they're putting the boom back in place as two boats went into the area. let's get to the boards. we start with tropical activity. a place that's a little odd to be activity. it's happened twice in the last 100 years. we are watching it over the next 24 hours. we're watching it carefully. here's the deal, though. elsewhere the in the weather, we have big storms that will stand up with heavy rain. there's 18 states under flood advisories. stay with your local abc stations. a quick look at the northeast. we'll show you how nice and beautiful
7:41 am
and we are live in the florida panhandle, with a little steam heat developing this morning. all of that weather was brought to you by capital one. >> steam heat. but it looks great behind you, sam. coming up next, prince william and prince harry on their first official trip together. we get double miles on every purchase. so we earned a ski trip twice as fast. we get double miles every time we use our card. ( thuds ) i'll take this. ( crashing ) double miles add up quick. and all of those. so we brought the whole gang. one adult, one goat please. it's hard to beat double miles. everyone knows two is better than one. introducing the venture card from capital one... with double miles on every purchase every day. go to what's in your wallet? oh, poor baby. go to they're fishermen, they're shrimpers, they're laborers, they're deckhands, they're people who work in restaurants... these are the people of the gulf coast who need our help.
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i'm darryl willis. i oversee bp's claims process on the gulf coast. bp has got to make things right and that's why we're here. part of that responsibility is letting you know what we're doing to make it right. we're replacing the lost income for fishermen, small businessmen and others who aren't able to work until the spill is cleaned up. our claims line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. people can call or go online and we'll help them figure out what information they need to file a claim. we've got about 900 people handling claims and 25 walk-in offices in 4 states. so far we've paid eighteen thousand claims, at no cost to taxpayers. more than fifty one million dollars. i was born and raised in louisiana. i volunteered for this assignment because this is my home. i'll be here in the gulf as long as it takes to make this right.
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there is a british invasion of sorts, now under way in africa. not one, but two princes. prince harry and prince william, are on a six-day, three-country tour of the continent. their first official joint trip. it will finish in south africa, watching england buttal in the world cup. but something that would make prison sense diana proud. it's in botswana. >> reporter: first of all, this is one of the most beautiful and remarkable countries i've been
7:45 am
in a long time. i've never been to botswana before. this is the first day for prince harry and prince william. in fact, they just arrived not too long ago. this is a historic moment for these brothers. >> the first overseas tour we've been on together. >> reporter: their mission is to raise awareness for their respective charities. today, prince william is showing harry his conservation charity. >> it's a huge thing my generation really cares about. and i thought to myself, this is something that maybe if i got onboard, i could help with in whatever way i could. >> reporter: its main goal is to preserve the world's most endangered species, such as r n rhinos, which are protected by rangers. >> he who gives, than he who received. you know, i'll say, you know, that good can do a great job. and god bless. >> reporter: later, harry, will
7:46 am
introduce william to his charity, which focuses on vulnerable children and those orphaned by aids. for prince harry, botswana is a familiar stomping ground. he's been here nearly ten times. a special place with his girlfriend, chelsea davis. as for william and his girlfriend, kate middleton, the question everyone is asking, an engagement? arthur edwards has shot photos of the princes since they were born. >> prince william said i hope you don't retire. and i said i won't retire until i take your wedding photos. he said i would have a time to wait, then. >> reporter: try are trying to convince the officials of the world cup, to have the 2018 tournament in england. they will be traveling a lot more this week. because they're possible heirs to the throne, they cannot
7:47 am
travel together, george. >> maybe a little news there. maybe the wedding put off for a bit. >> maybe. he could be just playing it coy. coming up, an emotional interview with the grandparents of caylee anthony, exactly two years after her disappearance. it's a combination of five accident avoidance technologies. the star safety system is something that's standard on 100% of toyota vehicles. we always think of safety, even in the concept design of our vehicles. [ male announcer ] the star safety system. now standard. because we know, there's nothing more important to you than your safety. all our new safety features are at
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7:51 am
did you see the look of fear on cameron diaz's face? the big stunt is tomorrow on "gma." but we're actually going to talk live to tom cruise and cameron diaz in the next half hour. >> they're working on the stunt. look at this, though. this is our "around the watercooler." the latest video to go viral. a politician behaving badly. congressman bob etheridge, attacking two people trying to interview him. you can see him swatting the camera. and then, grabbing the man by the wrist and the neck. we don't know how this was edited. but the congressman has apologized, calling his behavior inexcusable. >> i know better. i've been through a lot of tough situations. and there's no excuse for anything other than saying i'm sorry. >> the video was posted by a conservative blogger. he said the students didn't work
7:52 am
for him. but politicians have to be careful. we've seen so many times, that camera is always on. >> always on. be so careful. we'll be right back. this is my body wash. what do you mean? this is it? why?! oh, don't do that to me! dove creamoil body wash. now with nutrium moisture. nutrium moisture. i'm a believer. the nourishment in dove creamoil goes somehow deeper. i'm happy about the change. change is good. dove creamoil body wash. that can take so much out of you. i feel like i have to wind myself up just to get out of bed. then...well, i have to keep winding myself up to deal with the sadness, the loss of interest, the trouble concentrating, the lack of energy. [ male announcer ] if depression is taking so much out of you, ask your doctor about pristiq®. pristiq is a prescription medicine proven to treat depression. pristiq is thought to work
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the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> 72, feels like 77. we have ourselves a mostly cloudy sky, but the winds out of the east, northeast. that's a sign of a slight cooldown. even though we are dealing with clouds, we are going to hold our temperatures down this afternoon even though we start off on this warm note. 73 in baltimore. there's a beautiful view. i say a lot of clouds, but some sun getting through the inner harbor and feels like 77. so we will have that component. we have a boundary that is draped through the area. rain back into the mountains. may provide sprinkles and while we have that system to our west, we have that shifted wind
7:57 am
to the east and northeast and that should hold our temperatures down. this afternoon we go for 82 with a small chance of showers that lingers through tonight and 66. tomorrow, better chance of rain in the afternoon, holding temperatures at 83. it is 7:57 now. let's go to the roads with kim. >> you are going to see some stop and go traffic on the west side of the beltway. pretty much slow between 795 headed down to about edmondson avenue. beltway jammed in both directions. we have an accident to let you know about. currently blocking the left lane and shoulder causing some delays. another incident at belle air road is causing a slowdown in that area. 395 at conway street, reports of a crash and another incident in towson just west of charles street. southbound on the harrisburg expressway, it will take you 7 minutes. as we take a peek at the jfx, no delays as you make your way
7:58 am
southbound at northern parkway. stay with us, we're sending you back to new york for more of good morning america. woman: my husband is very much a meat and potatoes guy, and i'm kind of the healthy one. i like to eat as healthy as i can, and i like to know
7:59 am
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8:00 am
♪ my baby takes the morning train ♪ ♪ he works until 9:00 to 5:00 and then ♪ good morning, america. robin is not taking the morning train. she is taking the morning plane back from south africa. elizabeth vargas is here. we had help from the crowd before we went on. that was sheena easton, right? >> i'm nearly positive. betting $2. fork it over, eddie. >> eddie, never bet against elizabeth. >> exactly. we have a lot of news coming up this half hour. including a somber interview, a touching interview with the grandparents of little caylee anthony, exactly two years after they last saw her. they are speaking out about
8:01 am
their heartache and about their daughter. her trial is coming up at the end of the year. difficult to see the pictures of the little girl. lighten things up a little bit with two of the biggest stars in hollywood. tom cruise and cameron diaz. there they are in salzburg austria. they have a new action called "knight and day." they are back together after eight or nine years. >> i like that stunt right there. see that on the motorcycle? that's cool. >> tom is working on a new stunt. first, we go up to juju chang -- not juju chang. she's not here. bianna golodryga. >> meantime, good morning, everyone. president obama is wrapping up his visit to the gulf coast, before he returns to washington to address the nation tonight. in his speech, the president will outline a plan that he promises will leave the gulf healthier than it was before the oil spill. he also has promised to speed up damage payments, forcing bp to
8:02 am
set up an independent group to handle claims. meantime, as oil executives face questions on capitol hill today, documents show that bp used cheaper methods in saving time and money, when designing the oil well and safety devices. cleanup crews in the gulf right now are running short of protective gear and other items. bp is asking foreign companies for everything from rubber gloves, shoe covers and cleaning equipment. and the effect of the spill is becoming more obvious. shrimp prices have jumped by $2 a pound. the government is setting up dockside inspections to be sure that the seafood caught is safe to eat. you can watch president obama's address to the night tonight, here at 8:00 eastern. in other news, they're bracing for more rain in oklahoma city. one day after setting a record for daily rainfall in june. emergency crews had to remove 50
8:03 am
high-water rescues. a security scare at macdill air force base. a man and woman tried to enter the base with military-style weapons and gear. striking pilots return to the bargaining today with spirit airlines, hoping to end the walkout. spirit canceled all flights today and tomorrow, stranding thousands of people. now, a brief clarification. over the last year, "good morning america" ran a series entitled ameri-can, which focused on ordinary people experiencing kindness and act of bravery. it had no connection to other organizations in this country that used the logo or trademark ameri-can. now, for what's coming up tonight on "world news," diane sawyer. >> coming up on "world news," all the latest on the gulf. our team on the scene getting answers and action. and what it takes to eat a healthy diet.
8:04 am
believe it or not, brand-new recommendations, unprecedented new ones. we'll have them for everybody tonight. see you then, bianna. >> looking forward to it, diane. that's the news at 8:04. on to weather and sam champion in pensacola beach. good morning, sam. >> i'm sanding here in santa rosa sound. and folks tell us this is what they would do. you can walk out in low tide. they would look for blue crab. they would find them. a neighbor down the road told us this is what he found yesterday. i want to show you guys. when he put his bucket in. it's kind of what we sawed you yesterd showed you yesterday, too. it's this thick, oil that's not only below the water. but also on the very bottom. he said he was surprised to see oil below the surface of the water. we've been surprised to find it there many times in the last few weeks. let's get to the boards.
8:05 am
quickly talk about the strong to severe thunderstorms around the country. from amarillo, to st. louis. all of the storms can kick up the bad weather and some heavy rain, as well. quick look at the big board. the heat is on in the south. and we are live in santa rosa sound this morning by pensacola beach. and, elizabeth, ed told us it was heartbreaking for him.
8:06 am
his crabbing season is absolutely done because he's seen this in the water. >> so tough. sam, thanks so much. today marks two years since george and cindy anthony last saw their granddaughter, caylee alive. since then, caylee was discovered near their home, their own daughter charged in her murder, and they have been caught in the crosshairs of a public feeding paren si. ashleigh banfield sat down with them. and ashleigh is here this morning. >> reporter: there have been protesters on their lawn, throwing things at her house. they had death threats. even then, they say that's not the worst part. the worst part is they haven't been able to visit their daughter, casey, in jail. the scrutiny on this case is too high. the stakes couldn't be higher. she's facing the death penalty. >> the last two years have been unbearable. to think of when we saw caylee and casey together.
8:07 am
hear her voice. to see her little eyes. get a hug and kiss from her. it's not easy. it's not easy. >> reporter: she is the face in thousands of headlines. 2-year-old caylee anthony. as her grandparents grieve, their daughter, casey, is in solitary lockup, facing the death penalty for murder. george and cindy wear jewelry, in tribute to caylee. they even got tattoos. >> it means so much to me. like when people pledge allegiance. when i put my hand over my heart, oh, man. she's here with me. >> reporter: do you foresee a day when you might stop wearing those bracelets? >> no. >> not going to do that. >> reporter: their story made news with an infamous 911 call cindy made when caylee went missing. >> i found my daughter's car today. and it smells like there's been a dead body in the car. >> reporter: that call, cindy insists she only mentioned a body to get police out quicker. you didn't mean that? you wanted the police out fast
8:08 am
that afternoon? >> i never thought that. >> reporter: the anthonys believe their daughter's innocent. and say investigators have tried to paint her as a monster. >> i think they were frustrated with casey because i was told by the investigators, the first tight that they took her, that they were going to break her in 24 to 48 hours. and they didn't break her. and they haven't broken her because there's nothing to break. >> reporter: if you were the police, and you were dealing with casey, and she was telling lies, and she hadn't reported her daughter missing for a month, wouldn't you be extraordinarily suspicious? >> i can understand their suspicion. there's still nothing that proves that casey did anything, except lie to them about her work and things like that. >> reporter: isn't that powerful? >> i don't know. a liar doesn't make you a murderer. >> reporter: last february, jailers released dozens of letters that casey exchanged with another inmate. in them, accusations of sexual abuse by her father and brother,
8:09 am
lee. the anthonys denied the information and say that letter was a pleasant. >> i read them all. it was hurtful for george. >> it is. >> reporter: are you there for casey? >> that's unconditional love. >> reporter: you're entering year three of this. what will year three hold for you two? >> we've been dealing with this almost as long as caylee was alive. it seems like this has lasted longer than the moments that we had with her. that makes it very, very difficult. >> what do you think, caylee? >> and thinking about her starting school. we were so looking forward to her starting school where casey went to school and having the same kindergarten teacher that casey had. >> reporter: are you guys prepared for the possible
8:10 am
outcomes of the trial? >> well, i've had dreams that casey's home. and i have faith that casey will be home. >> reporter: and i asked cindy, actually, if she could comment on the recent developments in the natalee holloway case, given the fact that she shares similarities to the mother of natalee holloway and the mother of joran van der sloot. and amazingly, she said, i know beth twitty. and i identify with her. but i do not identify with joran van der sloot's mother. >> she thinks her daughter's innocent. >> she says there's no confession in this case. >> stay tuned. there's a lot of evidence to sort through. >> a lot. >> a lot of it incriminating, unfortunately for their daughter. you can read more of our exclusive interview with the anthonys and see a complete time line of the case on our website, at coming up next, tom cruise
8:11 am
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8:15 am
two of the biggest stars on the planet. tom cruise and cameron diaz have joined forces in this summer blockbuster. we have an exclusive look at some of the action, too. they are live from salzburg, austria, where part of the film was shot. good morning. >> good morning, america. >> good morning. >> from austria. i'm doing great. thank you. this is -- yeah. >> wish you were here with us. >> that would be a lot of fun. i want to do that stunt tomorrow. >> yeah. yeah. you would love it. >> this is your first project together since "vanilla sky." what was it like being together again? >> fun. >> fun. this time, i figured i owed him a good time. the last time we worked together, i tried to kill him. i figured, why not? come on, tom. we'll have fun this time. >> let's have more laughs. >> looks like -- >> we just wanted to make a
8:16 am
movie -- i'm sorry. excuse me. >> go ahead. >> it's a great thing, isn't it? >> it's a good 3 1/2, 4 seconds. >> george, please. >> i was going to ask you, tom, how has cameron changed since 2001, when you worked together last? >> you know, she's i wouldn't say she's really changed. she has always been dedicated at what she does. a lot of fun. hard worker. and you just see -- it was a different role for her. and she came in. she was shooting "gangs of new york." and came in and went for it. and went back to italy to finish "gangs of new york." it's the same thing. everyone -- you just love cameron. >> you just love me. >> you just love cameron. >> just to say it. >> everybody loves cameron. you talk to her. love cameron. love cameron. >> he gave you the love ball. how has tom changed? >> well, tom -- i don't think --
8:17 am
tom is still -- it's funny because we talk about when he was a kid. he was always looking at places. how he could jump his bike. how he could, you know, be adventurous. that's the wonderful thing about tom, his sense of adventure. i don't think that's something you ever lose. especially him. and it's so wonderful to work with him, especially on a movie like this. they gave him a script. and he helped make it what it is. massive action, fun. we went to all these locations. and it truly is because of his sense of adventure that all of that happened. and it's just so wonderful to work with him. he's such a hard worker. i've never seen anyone who works harder than he does, honestly. we have so much fun. >> there is no shortage offed a adventure in this movie.
8:18 am
>> let's show you two working together. we have a clip. "knight and day." ♪ >> air time. >> air time? ♪ >> get the guns. >> okay. >> here. >> whoa. what next? >> let 'em have it. ♪ ♪ >> well, i'll say, you let 'em have it. that's for sure. >> yes. >> you were bouncing all over the place. >> we're going through the scene through -- sorry. go ahead.
8:19 am
>> is it fun to relive it? >> yeah. we were just going through it. >> the sound. >> now, there's going to be a wheelie. there's trevor. >> you must be bruised up at the end of the day, after something like that, cameron, huh? >> um, yeah. i think that, you know, doing stunts all day long, i mean, tom, you know, had the chase scenes, which he trained for months before. it's amazing how he gets his body fit for those things. you know, the rigs are interesting because they're a lot harder to do than to just go ahead and ride the motorcycle. it is more stamina. it takes -- you're doing it all day long. >> have to work it. >> yeah. you have to work it. and harnesses are not always really fun, either. it's so much fun to do. we feel so lucky.
8:20 am
every day, we look at each other going, can you believe this is our job? we do this for a living. at the end of the day, it's so worth it. none of the bumps and scrapes, you wear them as a badge of honor. >> it does look like a lot of fun. tom, before you go, have to ask you about the mtv movie awards dance. how did that danceoff with j. lo come about? >> they came to me. and they wanted me to host the show. i just didn't have time because we were working on the film. i said, i'll do les grossman -- how about les grossman produces the show. i was working on the dance. and i called jen, who is a friend. she was on tour performing with marc. and instantly i told her, and she just started to laugh. okay. okay. and she just -- literally, i didn't finish the sentence, she just started laughing.
8:21 am
and it was her idea to mix the "get right." and she said, i want to see les grossman do the cane dance. i looked at the cane dance. i've seen it before. you know, when you're in that stuff, that's a lot of extra weight to carry and reflexes and so. it was really fun working with her on that. and she was brilliant. >> we're going to hit the computer cutoff here. we have to say good-bye for you. i hear you're still working on the stunt for tomorrow. and we cannot wait to see it. see you then. >> yeah. wish you were here. >> me, too. >> hi, america.
8:22 am
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8:25 am
good morning, 8:25. we have more sun in baltimore. temperatures bumping up to 76. 73 back towards dulles and winchester. showers trying to sneak their way in. this cluster had fallen apart. so there's a possibility that some sprinkles or showers try to work in close to the noon hour around the baltimore area. slight adjustment here, but working off of the radar as it looks right now in baltimore. frontal boundary through central maryland, the reason why we have our winds that shifted out of the northeast, the reason why we cleared out some of the clouds around northern and eastern maryland this morning. we are watching that band of showers. scattered showers possible for a high of 82 degrees.
8:26 am
for tonight, we'll settle it back down to 66 and expecting a day tomorrow with a high of 83. right now, 8:26. >> thanks, justin. if you are traveling towards the dc area, no problems on 95 or the bw parkway. we are experiencing major delays around 695 this morning. an accident on the outer loop continues to block the left lane. this has delays between belle air and delaney road. give yourself lots of time accordingly. as you take a peek at our maps, you see what we are looking at. also, we are still working on a water main break that is blocking the westbound lanes. as we take a peek at our drive times, we'll take you 14 minutes. 95 southbound running slow from white marsh boulevard to the beltway. no problem on the topside between the 83. traffic moving very slow, but
8:27 am
at least better than it was on the opposite side of the beltway. stay with us because sherrie johnson has your morning news update right after this. good morning, i'm sherrie johnson. police arrested two men. trooper first class wesley brown was killed working part- time security at a forestville
8:28 am
applebee's last week. police arrested cyrus williams and anthony milton. the reward remains at $75,000. a public viewing will be held today. well hundreds of people will pay their respects to a marine after an offduty police officer shot and killed him. a judge denied bail yesterday for tshamba. he is the baltimore city officer accused of shooting and killing tyrone brown. tshamba turned himself in early sunday morning, more than a day after being charged with murder. a public viewing will be held this morning until 7:45 tonight at march funeral home. the funeral will be held tomorrow at the murphy fine arts centser. the family is in the process of setting up a memorial fund. baltimore city police are investigating the murder of a census worker. spencer williams was shot several times inside his car last monday after he gave a
8:29 am
coworker a ride home. he died on friday just a few days after his 23rd birthday. police don't believe his death has anything to do with the job. investigators have no suspects or motive at this time. and we'll have more news and weather coming knop a half hour. now back to good morning america. have a good day.
8:30 am
♪ ♪ ooh-la-la la la la ooh-la-la la la la la ♪ ♪ ooh-la-la la la la ooh-la-la la la la ♪ [ cheers and applause ] that is grace potter. tina turner meets the rolling stones. >> i think they sound fantastic. can you do that little warmup thing with your voice you were doing a second ago? she's going to do that throughout your interview in the next segment. >> all of the questions. >> good morning, america. i'm elizabeth vargas. >> i'm george stephanopoulos. robin roberts is on her way back
8:31 am
from south africa. this morning, we have an intimate look at one of hollywood's legend care love awares. elizabeth taylor and richard burton. there's a new book, "furious love." we see photos and love letters at the heart of this book. when they got together on the set of a movie, they were married to other people. congress condemned them. the vatican condemned them. >> on the movie "cleopatra." >> i look forward to seeing those pictures. also, carson kressley. he has selected two audience members who were treated to a day of shopping, pampering and makeover'ing. i cannot wait. >> can't wait to show you. >> love the polka dots. they look fantastic on you. first, to sam and the
8:32 am
weather. >> good morning, everybody. we're live in santa rosa sound this morning. i'm standing in the waters that yesterday, we found oil floating in florida's inland waterways. we'll be talking about that all day long today. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want you to know about. the heat. record-high temperatures. here's some of the extremes. augusta, georgia, 103 degrees. today, more heat. we're beginning to build it on the gulf coast. but tallahassee will get to 101 degrees probably. that's another record today. orlando at about 96. atlanta at a steamy, sweltering 96 degrees. it is nice in the northeast today. we remind you that wherever you see scattered thunderstorms today in america's heartland, these storms can carry very heavy rains. they've been havin
8:33 am
and we are live in santa rosa sound, in beautiful pensacola beach, florida. we'll be here throughout the morning. george? >> sam, thanks. they were a generation's brangelina and a whole lot more. elizabeth taylor and richard burton. it began with this kiss, on "cleopatra." the new book "furious love: elizabeth taylor, richard burton and the marriage of the century." has behind the scenes pictures and love letters. the authors join us now. this is fascinating. elizabeth taylor says this is notbiography. she's never cooperated before.
8:34 am
but she did this time, why? >> she was afraid that richard burton's legacy was being forgotten. we mentioned we were doing a book about the elizabeth taylor/burton romance. and a young student said, i didn't know elizabeth taylor was married to tim burton. and that story woke her up. >> it changed everything. that's when she decided she would like to help us in telling the story of their love affair. >> he did die fairly young. at 58. >> that was the name of the last film he made, "1984." >> take us back to what elizabeth was talking about. when they left their respective husbands and wives on the set of "cleopatra" and decided to get together, it was the scandal of the decade. >> absolutely. she was condemned by the vatican, in the vatican newspaper, in the congressional record. a congresswoman named iris
8:35 am
blich, who is famous for condemning the relationship of elizabeth taylor with richard burton. it was the most notorious scandal that hit hollywood. >> and all of that due to a love affair? >> for a while, it was too much. elizabeth taylor had just gone through a similar thing when she married eddie fisher. and eddie fisher left debbie reynolds famously. >> america's sweetheart. >> she didn't want to go through that again. and richard was not faithful, but devoted to his first wife, cybill. and had two, young children. and was agonized over leaving them. and yet, they were so drawn to each other, they really could not stay apart. so, they just rode out the storm. eventually, soon after first meeting on the set of "cleopatra," they divorced their respective spouses. and two years later, married while richard burton was appearing in "hamlet" on broadway. the longest running broadway in
8:36 am
the history of the american stage. >> you draw on this treasure trove of letters, which are passionate, witty. and you see richard burton is a man, in many ways, an alcohol, plagued by self-doubt. >> yes. this is many of the reasons that i think dame elizabeth shared these letters with us. and we're able to show the world. they show burton in all of his passion. his love for elizabeth. his complexity. his poetic nature. the letters are remarkable because they also just don't show that this was a notorious romance. but an enduring love affair. >> why couldn't they make it work? they got divorced twice. >> in a way there were two marriages, george. there was liz and dick, the public marriage, the tabloid marriage. and richard and elizabeth. trying to have blended families. they made 11 films together. and they were living in a kind
8:37 am
of fish bowl. as we say in the book, they bought a yacht, famously, because they were too famous to live on land. you know? >> you know, you talk about what you didn't see. the last letter. >> she was so generous in allowing us to hold in our hands and read these incredibly intimate letters that the world has not seen before now. but she held back the last letter. she told us what was in it. and described it. it was so precious to her. and in this letter, burton finally says, my home is where you are. and i want to come home. and she has often said of late, she believed that had richard lived, there would have been a third marriage. >> that letter, she received days after richard burton's death. >> yes, it was mailed to her a few days before his sudden death in 1984. >> wow. the book is called "furious love." thank you very much. you can see rare pictures of elizabeth taylor and richard
8:38 am
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our next guest is out to
8:41 am
makeover the world, even if he has to do it one person at a time. carson kressley is the stylist, author and fashion designer. and he's currently hosting the abc show, "true beauty." because he believes true beauty comes from self-confidence, he took two of our audience members for a total makeover. we'll see them in a few minutes. first, let's welcome carson to the show. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> let's talk about "true beauty." you have these contestants signing up for what they think is the face of vegas. there's a big twist on this. >> the show is in its second season. it was conceived by ashton kutcher and tyra banks. it's like their love child. it has elements of "next top model," in that we're looking for this beautiful person. but also with a "punk'd" element. we're judging their inner beauty with hidden challenges.
8:42 am
it's surprising sometimes. >> one of your judges, judge beth stern said, quote, it's amazing when they start to show their true colors, how amazingly unattractive they become to me at the end of the show. >> she was talking about me, right? no, the contestants. >> did you feel the same way? >> they were really -- we had five hot women, five hot guys. they were gorgeous on the outside. we were gaga about them. he's so cute. she's so cute or whatever. and after the show, you kind of learn about these people week after week. you're kind of like, not so cute on the inside. >> let's look at a clip. the premise of the show. >> you're actually going to design a new ad campaign for the buffet here at planet hollywood. you'll be posing for a sexy billboard photo, wearing nothing but the food under these domes. >> i'm comfortable with my body. i've been told my body is
8:43 am
actually perfect. >> to pick your food, i'm going to give you numbers. >> this next challenge we have is awesome. i'm really excited about this one. >> i can sell anything. i can sell fruit. i can sell vegetables. i can sell cars. i can sell anything in this world. >> that's self-confidence. do any of the contestants get angry when they find out they have been punk'd in that sense? >> a couple of them. the very last moment of the show, when we have to send somebody home. they get a little angry. >> do you break it to them gently? by the way, there's cameras recording you all over the place? >> we do. and then, i run. i get a restraining order immediately. they get a little upset. they are vying for $100,000 and a spread in "people" magazine. this is kind of a big opportunity for them. >> you did make somebody's dream come true. >> we did, yes. >> let's bring them out. we have danielle davis, from chicago, illinois.
8:44 am
you took these women to macy's and oscar blant for makeovers. danielle? >> come on out here. what do you think, everybody? >> danielle, you look beautiful. >> thank you. >> those earrings rock. they're great. >> yeah. so, you know, danielle was here visiting from chicago. and had kind of her track suit, tank top look going on. and we wanted to do something, you know, kind of that same comfort zone. we did a black legging. as comfortable as a track pant. but it's sleek. we did an embroidered tunic, in a color that danielle doesn't normally wear. she said i never wore blue. i never wear it. >> let's quickly bring out cindy johnson also. cindy johnson from cisco, texas. come on out. before. >> there's our before. >> oh, my goodness.
8:45 am
>> i love this dress. >> thank you. >> great color. >> yeah. the thing is, experiment with color. experiment with shape. and both these girls have great figures. i know that cindy lost some weight recently. over ten pounds. was wearing some baggier things that were camouflaging trouble areas. where things are tailored and fitted, you can enhance those curves that you have. >> it will show off your figure. >> thanks so much, ladies. you look beautiful. oscar blandy did the hair cuts. >> thank you, oscar, for coming in. they look amazing. >> you're beautiful. "true beauty" airs monday nights at 10:00, 9:00 central, right here on abc. coming up next, the hots new group, grace potter and the nocturnals, performing live. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
8:46 am
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8:48 am
and now, "rolling stone" calls them one of the best bands of 2010. grace potter and the nocturnals. they're here to play for us. you're multitalented. you sing. you play the organ. and you make chocolate grace under fire. >> we have that do it yourself attitude. >> pistachio and red pepper. >> it's spice, sweet and salt. >> you're going to be playing with kenny chesney soon. >> yeah. chesney -- call him the chez. we're good friends. he is putting out a record. and he somehow heard about me floating on his boat somewhere in the virgin islands. and asked me to sing with him. we're going to do a duet together. >> we're going to hear you sing for us. the song is called "tiny light."
8:49 am
♪ what will come of us today what we need we cannot say ♪ ♪ it's been a long, long time since i've been so afraid ♪ ♪ as we all fall down it's hard to see the brighter day ♪ ♪ but i see a tiny light
8:50 am
like a flashbulb ♪ ♪ sparkle in the night i see a tiny light ♪ ♪ telling everyone to hold on tight ♪ ♪ what will come of all our pride ♪ ♪ this house of stone has crumbled from the inside ♪ ♪ it's been a long, long war now the battle's drawing near ♪ ♪ closer and closer till it whispers in my ear ♪ ♪ i see a tiny light like a flashbulb sparkle ♪ ♪ in the night
8:51 am
i see a tiny light ♪ ♪ telling everyone to hold on tight ♪ ♪ bring me back the streets of gold ♪ ♪ give me something warm to hold ♪ ♪ give me love and only love and we will see it ♪ ♪ shining from above ♪ i see a tiny light like a flashbulb sparkle ♪ ♪ in the night i see a tiny light ♪ ♪ like a flashbulb spal sparkle the night ♪ ♪ i see a tiny light like a flashbulb sparkle ♪ ♪ in the night i see a tiny light ♪ ♪ but it's not going to shine
8:52 am
without a fire ♪ ♪ [ vocalizing ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:53 am
8:54 am
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8:56 am
that is coming up tomorrow. let's give another hand to grace potter and the nocturnals. it was excellent. thanks a lot. good luck on the tour. we'll see you tomorrow. >> bye-bye. now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> good morning, 8:56. we've had ourselves a warm, humid morning. glen oak, our hd cam showing us
8:57 am
we have had some sun starting to get the influence of clouds beginning to move in from the west and that will actually help tho hold our temperatures down today, already up to 75 with winds out of the northeast. now that direction in and of itself should hold our temperatures down and across the board, we are deep into the 70s from 75 in ellicott city. a cooler 71. you can see a boundary under the influence of the wind shift across the area. keeping northern and eastern sections of maryland cooler. western maryland seeing some rain right now and that rain will try to get across the mountains. approaching the lunch hour and scattered showers this afternoon with our 2-degree guaranteed high. >> justin, all of our accidents have been cleared away. however, we are facing some delays around the area. it's going to be slow going northbound 95 past katen avenue. the whole entire west side is
8:58 am
running slow. these delays began from green spring all the way down on to wilkins. we don't have any accidents to let you know about. very slow on the northeast corner as well, from bell air road, delays are running over 20 minutes. the only incident we have working is the westbound lanes are closed at this time. traffic is being diverted on to old frederick road. drive times looking good on the harbor tunnel throughway. 8 minutes down to the through way. as we take a peek at the west side of the beltway at liberty road, very slow going as you head towards i-70. stay with us, good morning maryland is next.
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